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Solar Potential Renters

When we talk about renters in the abstract, focussing on facts and figures, decision-makers can quickly lose sight of the reality that people in our own communities are experiencing. To make a case for government to step in to ensure that rental properties are energy efficient and that renters have access to the benefits of rooftop solar, we need to tell stories like your own. 

For example, the Solar Potential report shows that renters could be saving $1,432 each year if they live in a freestanding house with rooftop solar, or $532 if they live in an apartment. But how important are those energy bill savings mean in the context of your overall living costs? 

You can help Solar Citizens and our allies to force the government to make progress on mandatory reporting of energy standards for rentals and to introduce mandatory minimum energy standards, ensuring that rental properties come with lower energy bills for renters. You can provide your story as a case study that we can use for our advocacy and campaigning using the form below.   

Please note that we will not share your story with any third party without explicit permission, so we require contact details to be able to speak with you. The case studies collected here might be used by Solar Citizens to support our campaigning through the media or on social media.

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