Solar Potential - Take Action

Solar Potential - Take Action

Australian households could save $9.3 billion on energy bills every year by investing in the untapped solar potential of residential rooftops across the nation.

Around 60% of households are locked out of rooftop solar because they have low-incomes, are renting privately or in social housing or they live in apartments. The untapped potential of those rooftops is immense, but it won’t be realised until we get the politicians to make it a priority.

We know that data and evidence is an important part of policy change, but for political action we need to also show that voters think these issues are important. That’s why your action is critical to realising the solar potential of our rooftops.

If you are a landlord, click here to send a message to the Federal Assistant Minister for Energy Jenny McAllister

If you are renting, click here to share your story as a case study on why solar for renters is so important

If you live in an apartment, follow this link to email State and Territory Ministers to get strata law reform to making getting solar easier

To support solar for social housing, help us build pressure on Federal, State and Territory Housing Ministers by clicking here

You can find out more about the Solar Potential report here.

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