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Solar Potental Apartments

There are over three million strata and community titled properties in Australia - it is a growing and increasingly important form of housing. Strata properties include apartments, town houses and even free standing homes! It is also an important part of our challenge in electrifying our housing with cheap, clean rooftop solar energy.

The Solar Potential report showed that bill savings of around $530 a year are available to people in apartments who get rooftop solar!

Getting changes through strata committees can be complicated... but it doesn't have to be. Getting rooftop solar approved should be as routine as getting routine maintenance and repairs done. The NSW Government recently led the way by reducing the voting threshold to get sustainability infrastructure upgrades approved - a simple tweak that could make a huge difference if adopted nationally. 

You can help send a message to the responsible Ministers of the Commonwealth and each State and Territory using the form below. We started the opening of the message for you, but what really changes a politican's mind would be to hear directly from you, in your words. So please finish the email before sending.

Some of the things you may wish to include:

  • Do you live in a strata titled property yourself?
  • Are you a renter or owner-occupier?
  • Why is it important for you to get rooftop solar for you and the common property of your complex? (hint: you may wish to add that the potential energy bill savings of $530 per year!)
  • Have you ever had trouble getting your strata association approve solar installations, or any maintenence before?

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