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Put solar on every rooftop!

It’s official – we live on the sunniest continent in the world.

And Australians love the power that the sun brings them. Right now, 15% of all Australians are living under a solar roof. This number is growing, with thousands more homes around the country installing solar each year.

Imagine if:

  • our schools, hospitals, and council buildings were also powered by clean energy

  • all new homes and commercial dwellings were built with solar panels, and

  • businesses could access tax incentives to go solar

Australia’s future is bright when it’s powered by solar.

Sign the petition today to call on all State and Territory leaders, and State and Federal Energy Ministers, to put solar on all government buildings, new homes, and commercial dwellings – and support solar for business.

Hospitals, schools and other public buildings and of course, businesses, use most of their energy during the day. And they often have a lot of rooftop space. This makes them perfect candidates to benefit from solar rooftops, and reap the energy rewards.

It just makes sense.

Other governments around the world have already realised the benefits of having more solar rooftops. For example, in April 2016 San Francisco passed landmark legislation which requires all new buildings under 10 stories to have solar on the roof.

It’s time for Australia to join in the solar revolution – will you sign the petition, and tell our leaders Australians want solar?

Will you sign?

Will you sign?

To all State and Territory leaders, and State and Federal Energy Ministers,

Australia is the sunniest continent on Earth – so harnessing our bountiful natural resources to power our homes, businesses, schools and hospitals just makes sense.

Governments in countries far less sunny than ours are taking steps to join the solar revolution taking place around the world. Like France, that now mandates solar for all new buildings in commercial zones.

Will you make sure Australians don’t miss out on clean, sunny power?

We want to see you commit to:

  • Putting solar on all local, state and federal government buildings, including schools, hospitals, and council buildings

  • Requiring all new homes and commercial dwellings to have solar on the roof

  • Providing tax incentives to businesses that want to go solar


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