Senator Glenn Lazarus supports ambitious, new Stand up for Solar national campaign - Solar Citizens

Senator Glenn Lazarus supports ambitious, new Stand up for Solar national campaign

Senator Glenn Lazarus, Independent Senator for Queensland, has today confirmed his support for renewable energy by backing Solar Citizens’ groundbreaking campaign ‘Stand up for Solar’.

The Solar Citizens Stand up for Solar plan calls for:

  1. A national goal of at least 50% of our energy generated by renewables by 2030

  2. An end to discriminatory fees for solar owners, a fair feed in tariff for power fed back into the grid

  3. Helping households with soaring power bills

Senator Glenn Lazarus said, “I’m backing Stand Up For Solar because it’s an ambitious plan for Australia’s renewable energy industry”.

“The Renewable Energy Target has been a driving force for creating jobs, reducing emissions and helping Australians with their power bills.”

“In my home state of Queensland there are 420,000 homes with solar rooftops and the RET has helped create 6,600 jobs.”

"Queensland has been one of the biggest adopters of solar, which is why more needs to be

done to support existing homeowners with solar and to help more Australian households install solar on their rooftops.

“The rest of the world is moving to renewable energy, it’s time my colleagues in Canberra understood the opportunity and looked to grow and protect renewable energy instead of trying to destroy it at every opportunity.”

Senator Glenn Lazarus will be a guest speaker at the Brisbane ‘Stand up for Solar’ launch event on the 27th of April at New Farm Bowls Club.

Solar Citizens National Director Claire O'Rourke said: “Australians will be pleased to see Senator Lazarus stand up for a strong solar future.”

“Senator Lazarus will join solar business owners who will share their stories and find out why so many Australians love solar and want their politicians to protect it.”

“If more politicians in Canberra followed Senator Lazarus’ example the renewable energy industry wouldn’t be in the mess it’s in - and more Australians would be taking control of their power bills by powering their homes with clean solar energy.” said Ms O’Rourke


Claire O’Rourke and Glenn Lazarus are available for comment


Media Contact: Amy Gordon 0410 631 404

What: Stand up for Solar campaign launch

When: 27th April, 7pm-9pm

Where: New Farm Bowls Club, 969 Brunswick RD, New Farm


Speakers: Senator Glenn Lazarus, Nigel Morris, expert solar industry analyst of

Solar Business Services and Mike Swanston, energy customer advocate, formerly

from Energex.

Stand up for Solar key asks and pledge at