Help NSW Solar Citizens get to Canberra

Help NSW Solar Citizens get to Canberra

On Monday December 1, our team of 20 Solar Citizens volunteers from all over Australia will be heading to Parliament House to meet with decision makers and to step up our campaign to protect the Renewable Energy Target. It's the first day of summer and the first day of the final Parliamentary sitting week for the year - a critical moment to show our MPs what real community support for solar looks like.

Can you chip in to help NSW Solar Citizens volunteers get to Canberra?

Your contribution will go towards covering volunteers' travel and accommodation expenses and our team will know that you and so many solar supporters from all over country are right behind them! 

Meet the NSW volunteers

 Peter  Tom

I'm Peter and I'm a recently retired ICT manager, now volunteering for Solar Citizens and another environment related organisation.

I'm interested in environmental politics and bike riding.

I've invested in a gas-boosted solar hot water service and a 6 panel solar PV system. I'm planning to double the number of PV panels and install an energy storage system when the FiT expires at the end of 2016.

I'm involved with Solar Citizens because our solar systems are the best short term investment we have ever made – they paid for themselves in 5 years. They are also the best long term investment we could make, in the hope that our grandchildren will be able to continue to live on this planet.


My name is Thomas and I've been living in Sydney for the last 6 years. I studied renewable energy engineering at the University of New South Wales.

Australia has such an abundant solar resource and it is very encouraging to see so many Australians adopt solar PV on their own accord. To me, solar represents independence and responsibility; we now all have the ability to take control of our energy supply and consumption.

The renewable energy (and in particular, solar PV) industry in Australia is faltering, due to vested interests in various other non-renewable sources of energy. For this reason, I am finding it difficult to find full-time employment.

At the retreat I'd like to learn more about the campaigning process and what gets people involved in a campaign.

I was born in England and went to school in Cambridge where climate change issues were at the forefront of conversation. Some of the issues I became aware of back then are still under discussion now.

As a young adult I dabbled as an ignorant amateur with solar power. I was interested in home-made solar thermal systems to heat water. I moved to Australia in 1999 and have lived all over since.

In 2010 I installed a solar PV system on my roof and set about reducing my family’s carbon footprint in the best way I could. The company who installed my rooftop system went bust.

One of their other customers was involved in Solar Citizens and put me on to them so I joined the organisation maybe just over a year ago. I have continued to move house frequently and now rent a sustainable house in the Sydney area. I sometimes volunteer for Solar Citizens and I study energy studies to try and understand our way forward for the environment and our health in relation to our energy use and sources.




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