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Where does your local MP rank?

Our Solar Scorecard tells you how your local MP and candidates rank in renewable energy, community funding, the RET and much more. Check it out and find out how you can use the Scorecard!

Let's Build Big Solar!

Here are a bunch of sunny items you can download to get the big solar message out to your community. You can also buy big solar stuff in the 100% Renewable shop - where we've already done the printing for you.

If you are looking for materials to help you run tactics locally please visit our take action locally page.

Strategy and campaign planning

Campaign strategy presentation and resources to help local groups plan their local activities.

Campaign logo and graphics

You can use these images in any campaign materials you produce - for screen printing your own banners or tshirts, or pressing your own badges!

Briefers and fact sheets

Briefers and fact sheets with info on renewable energy.

Campaign posters

These campaign posters look great at stalls and events, and are really useful for talking to your communities about renewable energy. They should be A3 sized but can be used on other sizes as well. Just print and go!
Click to view, right click and hit 'save link as' to download.

Fliers, posters and stickers

You can use any of these resources in your local community. They're ready to go!

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Renewable energy images

Need some great images to show your community what renewable energy really looks like? Try using these great pictures generously shared to us by Greenpeace.

Low res images only available here, but please email if you'd like the high res version of any of the pics to use.

About the campaign

100% campaign in your community - what it means for your local group

100percent_renewable_campaign_about.pdf683.32 KB

Communications resources

Trying to figure out how to communicate climate change and renewable energy to your community? Want to know what works and what doesn't?  Plenty of reports and articles have been written showing how we can inspire and motivate others into action. We've gathered a few of the best resources here: