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One in five Australian households are now powered by solar energy

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has confirmed that the solar revolution is taking place on rooftops across the nation with the release of new data today showing one in five households now use solar energy.

Solar Citizens National Director Claire O’Rourke said millions of Australian are now experiencing for themselves the benefits of rooftop solar.

“The growing number of Australian households with rooftop solar are generating local jobs, producing clean energy and taking control of their power bills,” Ms O’Rourke said today.

“We know that most households that have installed solar are on lower and middle incomes because these people are more sensitive to rises in power prices and solar helps reduce power costs.

“Many more households are looking to install solar as a way to take control of their rising power bills. 

“The best way the Federal Government can support Australian households in making the transition to solar energy and reducing the cost of power is to keep the Renewable Energy Target strong. 

“The Government’s own Warburton Review showed that having rooftop solar and renewable energy in the national power mix would reduce electricity prices for all Australian families in the long-term.

“New polling from The Australian Institute shows 75% of Australians support an increase in the Renewable Energy Target, not a decrease.

“Significantly, 64% of self-identified Liberal voters support an increased Target, while 43% of Liberal voters agree with an ambitious Target of 50% or more renewables by 2030.

“Our political leaders should catch up with the vast majority of the community and the one in five households who use solar energy and support more solar, not less,” she said.

Claire O'Rourke is available for comment. 

Download the ABS solar data here:

Solar Citizens can assist with case studies of households who have installed solar hot water heating or solar power in most Australian capital cities and some major regional centres.

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