NSW inquiry - Solar Citizens

NSW inquiry, support a fair price for solar


The NSW upper house are holding an inquiry into the electricity system and energy retailers gouging consumers. This is an opportunity to tell our political representatives that retailers haven't been doing the right thing when it comes to solar owners and that the feed-in tariff needs to be fair and it needs to be compulsory.

Here are some things you could include in your submission: 

  • That you support a legislated fair price for solar;
  • What your experience with your retailer has been;
  • Why you think NSW needs a legislated, minimum feed in tariff that is fair;
  • The feed-in tariff should represent the true value of solar, this means recognising the environmental and health benefits and the network benefits of rooftop solar;
  • Any personal examples about your solar systems and experiences with the feed-in tariff;
  • Your support for rooftop solar and renewables, not old polluting sources of power.