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Write a Submission: No Exemption for Vales Point

The New South Wales Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) is currently accepting community submissions on whether the Vales Point coal station should get an exemption to NSW’s clean air regulation, allowing them to pump out dangerous levels of nitrogen oxides (NOx) for another five years. 

Use the form below to write a submission to the EPA. Key points you might want to make in your submission include:

  • I'm a NSW resident and I don't support Delta Electricity's pollution exemption application for the Vales Point coal station.
  • I urge the Environmental Protection Authority to reject this application and require the best practice pollution control technology be installed at Vales Point.
  • Research shows that pollution from coal-fired power stations leads to 477 deaths, 450 low-birthweight babies and 7,582 symptom days for children and young adults with asthma in NSW each year.
  • The Vales Point coal station in particular is one of the most urban power stations in Australia and is surrounded by the highly populated areas of Lake Macquarie, Gosford and Newcastle.
  • Newcastle epidemiologist Dr Ben Ewald estimates that 650 cases of childhood asthma are caused by coal power station NOx pollution in the Lake Macquarie and Central Coast region.

And importantly, don't forget to mention why reducing air pollution from Vales Point power station matters to you!