New PM must return bipartisan support for solar, renewables

Solar Citizens has welcomed the appointment of new Prime MInister Malcolm Turnbull as an opportunity for the Coalition to return to strong bipartisan support for better solar and renewable energy policy.

The Abbott government’s repeated attacks on renewable energy, including breaking its promises to the Australian public by slashing the Renewable Energy Target contributed to the government’s unpopularity and Mr Abbott’s demise.

The Canning by-election was the most recent example of voter displeasure with the government’s attitude on renewable energy, with recent polling showing that people saw renewable energy as a top issue, ranking ahead of national security.

Similar to across the nation, renewable energy enjoys strong support in Canning, with almost two-thirds (64.9 per cent) of voters in the electorate supporting a goal of 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030. Almost half of Liberal voters surveyed (48.6 per cent) support the goal.

“The Liberal Party should be solar’s number one advocates,” said Claire O’Rourke, Solar Citizens National Director.

“Ordinary households generating solar power from their rooftops are a good fit with many core values of the Liberal Party - competitive markets, consumer choice and reward for individual effort. It’s a sensible vision that Australians are keen to support.

“Across Australia, these forward-thinking policies, such as the Renewable Energy Target and feed-in-tariffs have supported a growing number of households to made a choice to put solar panels on their roof and take control of their household power bills.

“The new Prime Minister designate can show real leadership by taking strong, decisive action and back a goal of at least 50% Renewable Energy Target by 2030 - a line in the sand drawn earlier this year by the Australian Labor Party. It’s a realistic and achievable goal that will support an agile economy and Australian families.”

“There are many opportunities created through the global solar revolution - thousands of new jobs, new business opportunities and millions in investment - Australia can seize these opportunities now and become a leader and innovator in the industry.

“People want to see a better world for our kids and we can achieve this by using the resources we’ve got, and that’s plenty of sun. Australians want smart, sensible plans put in place and we hope to see this from Mr Turnbull.

Claire O’Rourke available for interviews.

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