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More Household Solar Should Be a Priority for Federal Budget: New National Poll

A new national poll has revealed the vast majority (79%) of Australians want Federal Government assistance for ongoing energy bill relief through access to cheaper, smarter and cleaner household solar.

The Glow poll commissioned by Solar Citizens found:

·   79% of Australians want the Federal Government to prioritise subsidies or grants for low-income households to install solar in the upcoming Federal Budget,

·  75% of people want funding for interest-free loans for homeowners to purchase rooftop solar included in the Federal Budget;

·  Community members also supported solar equity, with 79% indicating funding for installing solar on public and community housing should be a Budget priority;

·  86% of Australians say their energy bill gas increased a lot or a bit over the past 12 months; and

·  About half of people indicate they’re using air conditioning or heating less (50%), or cutting back on other energy use (49%).

Heidi Lee Douglas, National Director of Solar Citizens said, “Australian households are feeling the pinch with rising power bills and increasing cost of living including yet another interest rate rise.

“This poll shows the community wants support in the upcoming Federal Budget for more household solar to reduce energy bills, because we know that solar saves money. Having access to solar at home massively cuts your energy bills. It’s that straight forward. 

Rooftop solar can save up to an average of $750 per year on their electricity bill, for up to 20 years, but upfront costs and other barriers are preventing many households from accessing these savings.

“The Federal Government must support more households to afford solar and share in the benefits it brings. But we need to make sure no-one is left behind - especially those that need it most.”

“Besides general support for households to afford solar, such as targeted financial support and interest-free loans, federal funding for social housing would also help states roll out solar panels on social housing properties - which could cut the power bills of at least 249,000 struggling households.

“Faster roll-out of household solar will amplify the Government's household electrification agenda.  “Australians are looking to the Federal Government and this upcoming Budget for real action to address the cost of living crisis and soaring energy bills with significant investment in solar – for all of us,” she said.


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