Local residents disappointed that Kevin Hogan fails to take Stand Up For Solar pledge - Solar Citizens

Local residents disappointed that Kevin Hogan fails to take Stand Up For Solar pledge

Residents in the seat of Page have been left disappointed that local member Kevin Hogan, has refused to take the Stand Up For Solar pledge after meeting with them on Friday.

Solar Citizens members met with Mr Hogan to talk to him about how solar was reducing their power bills and asked him for a commitment to:
a national goal of at least 50% renewable energy by 2030;
a fair go for solar owners, including a fair feed-in tariff, no discriminatory fees and a specialist solar ombudsman; and
a national program to help low-income households and renters with soaring power bills to go solar.

Despite the meeting being productive and Mr Hogan being personally supportive, he didn't commit to a renewable energy goal of at least 50 per cent by 2030.

“Everyday community members in Page have chosen to invest in rooftop solar as a great way to reduce their power bills and generate cleaner energy,” said Dan Scaysbrook, Campaigns Director at Solar Citizens.

“The Federal Liberal National Party should match Federal Labor’s commitment to a goal of at least 50 per cent renewable energy by 2030. Solar Citizens is calling Mr Hogan and all LNP members to commit to bipartisan support of this goal.

“As a local member Mr Hogan should be supporting the 10,507 solar homes in his electorate by championing this renewable energy goal.

“This community loves solar power and is looking for commitment and active support from the local MP too.

“Renewable energy can create thousands of jobs, lower power bills for Australian families and help them generate clean energy.

“Over coming months, solar homeowners will be meeting with their local members and asking them to sign the pledge. Australians love solar and it’s time their political leaders supported the community and ensured a bright future for solar,” he said.

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