Let your solar support shine - Solar Citizens

Selfies for Solar

First, choose your favourite sign:

  1. 'I support affordable solar for all'
  2. 'I'm choosing renewables this election'

What's next?

After you've printed out your preferred sign, get a loved one to take a photo of you holding the sign or take a selfie – if you can get your solar panels in the background of the photo even better! Then upload your photo to Facebook, Twitter or send it in to us at info@solarcitizens.org.au.

IMPORTANT: If you’re sharing your photo to social media let us know in the caption what your federal electorate is, and don’t forget to tag @solarcitizens and include the hashtag #solar4all so we can see your posts.

We’ll collect all the photos, and where possible, tweet them at local candidates with a bunch of solar stats from your electorate.