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The Great Solar Power Poll

Thanks for being ready and willing to join us for The Great Solar Power Poll! This is a crucial part of our plans to lock in protection for solar and the Renewable Energy Target from the eight cross-bench senators who now hold the balance of power.

Let us know you’d like to be involved in The Great Solar Power Poll over the next 4 weeks by using the form below.

Getting out and surveying is fun - and it’s a great chance to have some interesting conversations with people in your local area. We’ve set a goal to get a minimum of 250 surveys completed in each senator’s area, so contributing your time as a surveyor - or even by stepping up as a coordinator of a survey team - is one of the best ways you can help out.

You and I know that support for solar is sky high across the country. Let’s show our senators exactly what that looks like.

Being part of a solar survey team is easy - simply complete the form below and we’ll connect you with a local team and a kit that will help you with everything you need to get out there asking questions in your community.

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