Federal Election 2019 Policy Asks - Solar Citizens

Federal Election 2019 Policy Asks

This federal election will determine the future of renewables across Australia. With the Renewable Energy Target (RET) coming to a close next year, experts are warning that investment in renewables will slump by as much as half in 2020 if the federal energy policy vacuum is allowed to continue. 

That's why, we need all sides of politics to commit to policies over the next term of government that will ensure that the renewables boom continues across Australia. We're calling for the following three national policies to be implemented:

  1. Mandate solar on all new homes*;
  2. A 5GW renewable storage target by 2025**, including a rebate for 100,000 households to install batteries;
  3. Solar for 500,000 renters.

*A target should be set for all new (suitable) homes to be solar powered and battery storage ready from 2020.
**Or 10% of the renewable generation coming online each year. 

In addition to these national asks, we have a specific set of Queensland asks to keep momentum going in the Sunshine State. Repowering Queensland's Regions is important given that a handful of Queensland politicians are backing new, uneconomical coal generation and the Federal Government has committed to a $10 million feasibility study into a new coal-fired power station in central Queensland. Instead, we're asking for:

  1. Big Solar for Townsville – invest in more renewable generation with storage in North Queensland to boost clean energy jobs and make Townsville energy independent;
  2. Deliver another 1GW of publicly owned clean energy generation – partner with the QLD Government to double CleanCo’s renewable generation goal to 2GW by 2025;
  3. A new around-the-clock solar thermal plant instead of uneconomical coal – choose new, smart and reliable 24/7 solar thermal technology for central Queensland. 

Learn more about the Queensland Government's current clean energy commitments here