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Donate to secure renewable energy in QLD

Queensland has come so far in just the past few years, from a renewable energy laggard to a world leader in rooftop solar uptake with a whopping 46% of the homes in the Sunshine State decked out with solar PV!

But this could all take a dangerous U-turn - with a contentious QLD election later this year. That’s why we need you to help - to power up the push to get real, tangible commitments from all sides of politics for the cost of living and climate-saving renewable energy policies in QLD.

We have just three months to make sure that no matter who wins at the QLD election, we don’t stop making ground in Queensland leadership on clean energy. 

Can you chip in to help us meet with MPs, empower local community members to speak on renewables and run a hard-hitting media campaign to secure continued commitment to renewables in QLD? 


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