We need a plan for our clean, renewable energy future

Sign the petition: for our clean, renewable energy future

Tell the Prime Minister to get on with it and fix our electricity system with 100% renewables

The Turnbull Government is planning a much slower transition to renewable energy, focusing its efforts on more coal-fired power. This is a backwards step for Australians who want lower power bills, more jobs, growth and investment in clean, renewable energy sources. Enough's enough!

We need a plan for a renewable energy future - not retrograde moves, party politics and pandering to the old-hat dirty coal industry.

Australia CAN be powered by 100% clean, affordable and reliable renewable energy from the sun, wind and waves, right now.

Renewable energy and storage CAN provide 24-hour clean power for all Australians - and it’s cheaper to build than new coal or gas - even energy giant AGL agrees.  

Let's send a strong message to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull that it's time to get on with a plan for a 100% renewable energy future, our nation depends on it.

Will you sign?

To the Turnbull Government, 

Clean, renewable energy is the cheapest way to upgrade Australia's ageing, inefficient and polluting electricity system.

I call on you and your government to urgently implement a plan for affordable, reliable and renewable energy for Australia.

An orderly transition to 100% renewables is better for our environment, our economy, our health and our future.

We call on you to commit to 100% renewable power by 2030 by:

  • Providing a clear and reliable plan for our energy future
  • Adopting policy which provides a quicker transition to renewable energy
  • Following the cheapest and cleanest path to upgrading our grid.

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