Staff and organisers

The 100% national organising program connects and supports local groups working for 100% renewable energy across the country. The small team of paid staff work with a network of regional organisers, each connecting with around five-ten local groups, to share information, skills, ideas and good news stories from communities around Australia - as well as coordinate local activity for maximum impact.

Our staff and current crop of regional organisers are profiled below.

100% Alumni & former staff and organisers:

Lindsay Soutar - National Campaign Coordinator

 Lindsay was inspired to help start the 100% Renewable campaign after a meeting with her local federal MP, Anthony 'Albo'  Albanese in 2009. At this meeting Albo looked her in the eye and said ‘Lindsay, I’ve met more climate scientists than you have in my time and yes I understand the threats posed by climate change, but until people on every street corner all around the country are telling me they want us to do more, we’re not going to be able to do more!"  Lindsay thought that wasn't quite good enough but resolved to take up the challenge! Before working in the Australian community climate movement, Lindsay spent her time between Australia and the countries of the Mekong region, working as a researcher and educator on environment and development issues. Lindsay lives in Newtown, Sydney with three housemates, six bikes and a mango tree out the back. In 2011 Lindsay was named the Environment Minister's Young Environmentalist of the Year.

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Taegen Edwards - Community Organising Manager

Taegen has spent the last few years working with Yarra Climate Action Now in Melbourne. She has been very involved in their recent work on developing a locally owned community solar farm, amongst many other Victorian based activities. Taegen will pick up Dean's mantle in keeping the grassroots community volunteer network we work with well integrated, informed, well trained and active. 



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Rebecca Garden - Training and Development Manager

Bec has spent the last ten years of her life working in unions and organising environments - including most recently as lead organiser on the Big Steps campaign, winning new pay for early childcare educators with United Voice! Bec will be working with Taegen to build our organising capacity and support more volunteer effort around the country.

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Adrian Brown - Organisational Development Manager

Over the past two year 100% Renewable has built a significant base of supporters all over Australia and works with many allies around the country - Adrian will be making sure we always have the resources to keep connecting with these folk and take on the most urgent and important campaign efforts.
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Geoff Evans - Campaign Manager 

Geoff has decades of experience working in social justice and environmental organisation roles and is looking forward to connecting with Solar Citizens across Australia, recruiting them to the online community, generating offline action and making sure the voice and interests of all Australia's current and future solar owners are well heard.
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Umme Sarah Hoque - Communications & Media Manager 

Umme Sarah has been working in communications and media for non-profits and NGOs for nearly ten years, spending the past few years fighting for social justice in the union movement. She is looking forward to building and strengthening communications and media for 100% and the many exciting campaigns and work that we're doing!
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Kirsten KennedyKirsten Kennedy - Organiser, Brisbane

Kirsten is a Brisbane based climate campaigner working in a volunteer role with residents, schools and community groups to live more sustainably. With a background in teaching, she is passionate about spreading the message about climate change and promoting renewable energy. As a founding member of the Pine Rivers Climate Action Network, Kirsten has been actively involved in community projects since 2007 to reduce carbon emissions at a local level. She loves her kids, her veggie garden, chocolate and making politicians answer difficult questions! Kirsten sees the 100% Renewable Campaign as an inspiring and energetic movement to inspire all Australians to work towards a more sustainable future for our children. Her motto is Sustainable is Attainable and Renewable is Do-able!

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Sue Cooke - Organiser, Brisbane

Sue is a health professional and mother of two twenty-somethings.   David Suzuki has been a hero since she heard him on the radio on the radio before her children were even at school.  He inspired her to much study, and years of involvement in the 'healthy and sustainable schools' movement.  In about 2008 she decided like many people, she had to get more directly and actively involved in positive action for a safe climate future.  Sue is a founding member of St Johns Wood Sustainability, a climate action and sustainability community group in an inner Brisbane suburb.  Sue has recently begun teaching at university on the impacts of climate change on public health. She believes the 100% Renewable campaign is a great way to gather everyone in the community into the conversations we all have to have, about the sorts of personal and global futures we want, and how to get there.

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Jim Rees
Organiser, Regional NSW 

Jim is a Community Environment Educator, Sustainable Schools facilitator, Horticulture and Construction Skills Trainer.  He lives in Wagga and joined the 100% Renewables team at the end of 2009. Jim has worked on sustainability issues for many years but joined 100% Renewable as it was the first real community organising he has seen on climate issues. Jim enjoys building local networks and events, meeting other activists face to face and does not like feeling like a number on an enormous e-list. Jim brings this great attitude to campaigning to the 100% Renewable team. 

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Danae Bosler - Organiser, Melbourne

Having worked as a researcher, educator and organiser in the union movement, Danae brings considerable experience to the role of regional organiser. She has volunteered for The Climate Project and Union Climate Connectors, and is currently doing postgraduate study at Melbourne University.


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Philippa Rowland - Organiser, South Australia

Philippa Rowland is the Public Officer of Clean Energy for Eternity (CEFE), a community group acting as a catalyst to inspire practical community action on climate change in several south eastern NSW shires and two Sydney suburbs. CEFE's LifeSaving Energy Project has already installed renewable energy (solar panels and micro wind) on 5 surf lifesaving clubs and 8 fire stations, plus a successful bulk-buy of solar panels for over 1000 household and 30 community buildings. Transition to renewable energy requires major investment, so for two years Philippa has worked on Australia's first community solar farm project. As an agricultural scientist, Philippa previously worked on sustainability and risk management for over twenty years, within both Federal government and community groups. Between 2006 and 2010 she's lived in the Bega Valley with two children and volunteered her time with CEFE. She has recently made a temporary move to Adelaide.

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Bernard Tonkin - Organiser, Regional Victoria

Bernie is the father of 3 teenagers and a longstanding social justice and environmental sustainability advocate. After a journey through the peace movement, sustainable lifestyle movement and assisting men to move to nonviolence, he has chosen to join the climate movement because he believes it is the most important work to do now and the environment is his main passion. For Bernie 100% renewable energy is the biggest change we have to make to reduce emissions and the biggest barriers are political rather than technical. While qualifying as a carpenter and social worker along the way, he is now studying the Master of Environmental Advocacy to improve his ability to strengthen our movement, inspire others and build power for change. 


Dean Bridgfoot, Organising Program Coordinator
Organiser, Regional Victoria

Dean lives in Castlemaine, works with the Mount Alexander Sustainability Group and has three young boys, Ronan, Jack and Callum. Dean is part of this campaign because he thinks it’s the right thing to do. We are telling a positive story, a can do story, that gives hope for the future and links up people in community groups right across Australia. Ultimately Dean is involved for his sons; so he can look them in the eye and say “I was part of the change, I did my bit for clean, better future.”

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Andrew Bray, Communications Coordinator
Organiser, Regional Victoria

Andrew lives in Ballarat and is the Communications Coordinator for 100% Renewable and dad of three young kids – Emily, Rosie & Miles. A growing sense that Australia was not facing up to the carbon-constrained world we were helping create led him to put aside his work as a musician and computer programmer and take up environmental campaigning.  Working with 100% Renewable gives him a chance to connect with all the positive energy coming out of communities around the country as we all strive for a future for our kids that is cleaner, safer and, frankly, braver than the scared, fossil-fuel addicted world we're living in now.

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Jenny Curtis - Organiser, Sydney

Jenny is a mother of three primary aged children living in Sydney. Her love of the Australian bush, together with a rising concern for the state of the planet has led her to consider how individuals can be part of the solution. She became involved in community organising around climate advocacy just over 4 years ago and is an active member of "Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle". She also sits on the Climate Action Network Australia Steering Committee – an organisation that brings together over 70 different organizations to work collaboratively on climate change mitigation. In 2008 Jenny worked to unite Australians from diverse communities by starting a national campaign “Come on Kevin- Turn the Tide – Peak Carbon by 2010”. She believes that “100% Renewable” is a great way to express the overwhelming public support for renewable energy in a very positive way.

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Jamie David - Organiser, Regional QLD

Living in a flood and cyclone prone region next to the stunning but under threat Great Barrier Reef, it isn't difficult to see that pumping huge amounts of carbon into the atmosphere might just cause a few problems. But it isn't so much the problems that motivated Jamie to join our team. Rather, it is that the solutions - including a shift to 100% renewable energy - present a much more exciting, compelling and human vision of the near future than the "business as usual, ignore it and it will go away" approach. Jamie is an English as a Second Language teacher who has also worked for many years as a musician and songwriter. He volunteers with the Cairns and Far North Environment Centre and Beyond Zero Emissions presenters group.

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Lydia Andrews
Organiser, Sydney

A relatively new campaigner, Lydia has become an active member of her local climate group, Climate Action Newtown since attending her first meeting in mid-2009. In the last year, Lydia has found herself doing things she would never have imagined herself capable of, including public speaking (a former pet hate) and being interviewed for national radio. She now enthusiastically looks forward to getting further and further out of her former comfort zones in her campaigning work!  Last year, Lydia was motivated enough by the amazing work she had seen, the fantastic people she had encountered, and the positive vision of the 100% Renewable campaign to resign from her full-time job to volunteer part-time on the campaign, and start an online vintage clothing store to support herself. Lydia lives in Newtown, Sydney with two lovely housemates who are teaching her more adequate culinary skills.

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Karen Corr - Organiser, Regional Victoria

Karen is a passionate environmentalist, social entrepreneur and mother of 2 beautiful little boys.  Karen became involved with the 100% Renewables Campaign during her time as President of the Bendigo Sustainability Group (BSG). She found the campaign to be extremely positive, fun and engaging and made a huge difference to the campaigning abilities of her local community in Bendigo. Although Karen has a background in environmental engineering her biggest passion is creating and implementing change through community initiatives. Her latest venture is creating a social enterprise called Make a Change which provides fun, skill sharing, creative programs for changemakers.

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