Our vision

People in communities across Australia share a vision for a 100% Renewable future: an Australia powered entirely by clean renewable energy.

In a country like Australia, where the sun beats down every day, the wind always blows, hot rocks under the ground create heat, and where waves on our long coast lines keep rolling in, renewable energy just makes sense.
Renewable energy means clean, safe power that will never run out. It means new investment, new industry and lots of new jobs. It means a safer climate for ourselves, our children, and our grandchildren. And with our natural advantage in sun, wind and wave it means Australia could be a clean energy leader.

Right now Australia faces a choice: we can continue our dependence on fossil fuels, keep mining and burning coal, keep polluting our air and water. We can keep damaging our farmland and heath, be left behind the rest of the world on investment and face an uncertain future with an unstable climate. Or we can make the switch to 100% clean renewable energy, creating a safer, healthier happier future for all. 
Join us to ensure Australia makes this choice to help the turn the vision of a 100% Renewable future into a reality.