Organising Committee

The Organising Committee oversees the day to day running of the campaign, and  has responsibility for all campaign decision making. Its members are:


Jo Lewis, Finance officer

Jo is a retired small business owner and an Interior Designer and lives on the Far South Coast of New South Wales. She is on the board of the Sapphire Coast Producers Association - South East Producers executive, and a member of local environment group Clean Energy for Eternity..

Understanding that we are all dependent on ecosystem services she recognises the importance of biodiversity to stretngth  ecosystem resilience and supports the proposed East Coast Conservation Corridor. She has a long standing commitment to  action on climate change and recognises that mitigation, adaptation and personal lifestyle adjustment are all required. Recognising the necessity of ending the profligate use of fossil fuels with the least possible damage to vulnerable sections of the community she believes that converting our power supply to 100% renewable energy will be an important step on the road to a sustainable economy.


Erland Howden

Erland is passionate about renewable energy and believes strongly in the power of grassroots organising to make the world a better place.

He is a member of his local climate action group, Katoomba Area Climate Action Now in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney where he works at a local level on the 100% Renewable campaign as well as helping coordinate a project to start a community-owned renewable energy project in the region. Professionally, Erland is a climate and energy campaigner with Greenpeace Australia Pacific, where he works mainly on the transition away from coal with a focus on outreach and community engagement.

Joining the 100% Renewable Steering Committee in 2011, Erland comes from a background of community activism and direct action on climate change, forests and human rights. Previously, he worked as climate campaigner at the Nature Conservation Council of NSW, where he coordinated the popular Walk Against Warming event in 2006 and 2008. During this time, he was also instrumental in fostering the development and linkage of community climate action groups nationwide.

When he finds time away from campaigning, Erland is also a professional photographer and graphic designer and loves cycling, good coffee and playing indoor soccer.


Andrew Bray, Public officer

Andrew lives in Ballarat and is the Communications Coordinator for 100% Renewable and dad of three young kids – Emily, Rosie & Miles. A growing sense that Australia was not facing up to the carbon-constrained world we were helping create led him to put aside his work as a musician and computer programmer and take up environmental campaigning.  Working with 100% Renewable gives him a chance to connect with all the positive energy coming out of communities around the country as we all strive for a future for our kids that is cleaner, safer and, frankly, braver than the scared, fossil-fuel addicted world we're living in now.





Mike Collins

Mike is an active member of Climate Action Newcastle, and has been involved in various community-building projects in Newcastle. Mike would love to see Australia fast-track renewable energy development, not just for the miriad of local benefits, but so that developing economies can leapfrog the old polluting technologies, and build economies based on clean energy. He has a particular interest in the application of appropriate renewable energy technologies in a community development context. Mike is a Mechanical Engineer working in Solar Thermal Energy research. He also loves playing music, cycling and good conversation over a cup of tea.