More renewables!

Our goal:  
To see Australia'a renewable energy target expanded and extended to at least 60% by 2030

The Background:

 If we've learnt one thing from the tens of thousands of conversations we've had with Australians over the last 3 years it's that they love renewables and they want to see more of it in Australia.

The main policy that's been driving new renewable energy capacity in recent years has been the Renewable Energy Target . It's driven  installations of dozens of wind farms and taking solar installations over 1 million homes. 

It's aim is to supply at least 20% of Australia's electricity from renewable sources by 2020. But we know that Australians believe we can do much better.

Our Activities:


People's RET Review 

IN the second half of 2012 the independent Climate Change Authority conducted a review of the Renewable Energy Target and recommended the government retain the fixed 41,000 gigawatt hour target. This recommendation was accepted by the government in March 2013. While a decision not to go backwards was welcome, we wanted to know whether it matched what Australians wanted.

So together with the Australian Conservation Foundation, we conducted our own test, the People's RET Reveiew, going out to Australians to find out how much renewable energy they thought we should have. The results were impressive, with 93% of respondents wanting more renewable energy than the current 20% figure the RET was offering.

We made sure the Climate Change Authority knew what the public wanted by handing out flyers to CCA members at their consultation meetings.

Check out the full results of the People's RET Review here.

Retailer Watch

Guess who'd really like to see the RET cut back... (hint, they're large energy companies with vested interests in coal and gas....)