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100% Renewable is a not-for-profit, community initiated campaign connecting people and community groups across Australia to take action for a clean energy future.

Why Donate?

Your donation will fund our inspiring work to make the vision of a 100% renewable energy powered Australia a reality. We can’t do this without your help!

As resourceful types in a truly community owned operation every dollar you give will go directly back to supporting community groups to create a brighter future for Australia.

How will my money help?

The 100% renewable campaign is vital to creating real change in Australia and for every Australian, because government inaction means we are missing out on leading the world in renewable energy.

Your regular donation will allow us to mobilise local communities and reach new audiences with the 100% renewable message so that our voices are heard loud and clear.

Together, with your help, and a united community we can create a movement that will give our government no choice but to get behind a 100% renewable energy future.

Newsflash - welcome to Give Now!

We've recently shifted our online donation system to an excellent new Australian platform - Give Now. We hope you find it easy to use. Click on the icon below to use Give Now to make a regular or one-off donation to our campaign.




Want other options?

Direct Debit

Account Details:

  • BSB 633000
  • Account no: 139568059
  • Account name: 100% Renewable Community Campaign
  • ABN: 13 753 514 032

Please email us to let us know about the donation


Make cheques out to 100% Renewable Community Campaign and post to:

PO Box 360
Newtown NSW 2042

*Please note donations to the 100% Campaign are not tax deductible, however if you are able to make a substantial donation, an option exists to donate through one of our tax deductible partner organisation. Please contact us on 0411 098 853 to discuss.