Clean Energy Future package

Our goal: 

WE WON! We acheived our goal of substantial new funding for renewable energy in the carbon price package! 

The background: 

2011 was a historic year for Australia. A unique moment in time saw members from across political parties come together to negotiate a deal that would see Australia tackle cliamte change and build towards a clean energy future. 

But at the beginning of the year, while we knew the multiparty climate committee was engaging in an extensive and detailed process to decide exactly what the carbon package would look like,  what we didn't know was whether that package would actually include new policies for renewable energy. There was no guarantee that the biggest mechanism to transfer investment away from polluting power and towards clean, would actually see any new dollars going towards renewable energy!

Our activities:


A win!

This campaigning resulted in the Multi-party Climate Committee negotiating new renewable energy committments in three significant areas:

Together with existing policies including the carbon price and the renewable energy target, these three measures will build knowledge and understanding of what it will take to get Australia to 100% renewable energy, and start to drive the innovation and investment needed to get us there!