About the campaign

100% Renewable is a community initiated campaign working to build community and political support for renewable energy. We are non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party.

Who we are:

Over the past few years, thousands of people all over Australia have come together in their local communities to discuss how they might take action for a clean energy future.

From Ballarat to Balmain, Canberra to Cairns, people have gathered in pubs, cafés, living rooms and community centres and formed groups, started talking to the public, running stalls, getting in the media and meeting with their local politicians.

In January 2009 over 500 community members from 100 local community groups came together in Canberra at Australia’s first Community Climate Summit - and realised we were all asking the same questions.

Why we came together:

Why in a country like Australia - with such abundant sun and wind, where we could be a global clean energy leader, when the impacts of climate change were hitting already, when thousands of new jobs would be created – were we not getting serious about renewable energy?

In small group sessions, and over coffees and beer we asked - when the technology was here and ready to go, why were we not taking it up? When reports like Beyond Zero Emission's zero carbon plan showed it was possible, why was nothing still happening? Why was community doing its bit but the government so slow? And what could we do to speed it all up?

The conversations that weekend focussed on the need to grow the connection and strength of community voices and to share our visions, our hopes, our stories and our ideas for action.

The story so far:

Over the next few months, with newfound friends from across the country, some members of local groupscontinued discussing the importance of uniting around a common vision we all believed in.

Over phone link ups and snatched moments in inter-state visits we starting planning for a campaign that would respect diversity but support, promote and reinforce the inspiring work of community groups at the local level. We started researching and strategising to establish clear, winnable, short term objectives to move us towards 100% renewable energy. We asked wise and experienced friends in other parts of the movement to give advice.

And we got talking - to existing contacts, new contacts, to people at the other ends of website addresses across the country - working to connect those we knew dreamed of a 100% renewable energy future.

What next:

Today, are buiding to get renewables and our energy future into the public debate with our Lead On Renewables election campaign, looking at which political leaders are really taking the lead on renewable energy. We're also working on building a strong voice for solar in Australia with our Solar Citizens campaign, working to ensure a fair go for solar.

How can I be a part?:

One by one we are working to get every community, every business, every politician in Australia behind our vision. But we can't do it alone - we need more voices, hearts and bodies to join our call.

So, find a local group, or start one of your own, write a letter to your local politician or have a chat to a friend, get some mates and take a photo at your town or suburb sign or join the effort to have 20,000 conversations on renewable energy.

Together we are creating a groundswell of community support to make a fast transition to 100% clean renewable energy.