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The introduction of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (Abolition) Bill  today by the Coalition Government is a surprise move that ignores the voices of the community, 100% Renewable, a community campaign for clean energy says.

“A few weeks ago, Prime Minister Abbott provided the carbon price repeal legislation with an opening for public comment. However, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (Abolition) Bill was not part of this,” Lindsay Soutar, National Director of 100% Renewable says.

“Instead, the Abbott Government has introduced this legislation today - with no conversation with the community about the importance of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC).”

“This is surprising and deeply disappointing. The voices of the Australian people have continually said they want more renewables - not less. And the CEFC is integral to helping the transition to renewable energy.”

“If this bill had been open for public comment, this would have been obvious. Instead, the Abbott Government has sidelined the voices of the people and is moving to dismantle a corporation that’s actually making money.”

“The CEFC has a critical role to play in driving new private investment in renewable energy in Australia. It’s already working to help create new jobs and investment in regional areas. Projects supported by the CEFC, like the Moree Solar Farm and Taralga Wind Farm have already created more than 170 new jobs combined.”

“Abbott claims to be the Government of ‘opening Australia up for business’. Renewable energy is an emerging industry that would create jobs and help our economy. So why is Abbott working on dismantling the Corporation that would help make this happen?”

“The CEFC has already leveraged over $1.6 billion of private investment in renewable energy projects and is generating a financial return for the government. By next year, scrapping the CEFC will cost more money than it will save,” Ms Soutar says.

“This decision by the Abbott Government is short sighted and appears to be driven more by ideological opposition to renewable energy than a long term strategy for ensuring new investment and regional growth in Australia.”

100% Renewable has launched a petition asking the Liberal Government to reconsider their plan to dismantle the CEFC. The petition has nearly 10,000 signatures of supporters of renewable energy and is available here:

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