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100% Renewable Energy, a community campaign for clean energy, has developed a definitive electorate-by-electorate Australian solar energy information resource, which is currently hitting the mailboxes of every Federal politician across the country. 
These solar briefers are being released in conjunction with a first-ever national online scorecard which ranks politicians on their commitment to clean, renewable energy, including solar power, community energy and the renewable energy target, available at
“Right now, the future of energy in Australia is at a cross roads” Lindsay Soutar, National Director of 100% Renewable says. “We are seeing a rooftop revolution across Australia, with 2.5 million people living under a solar roof and $8 billion invested by ordinary Australians in rooftop solar. Solar power prices are cheaper than ever before, and renewable energy is really starting to cut into the profits of the big energy generators.
“But while poll after poll shows voters support this transition to renewable energy - and indeed are the ones making it happen - the support of some politicians is much shakier.
“Coal and gas interests are fighting harder than ever before to stop Australians take power back into their own hands, spreading misinformation about the cost and viability of wind and solar.  Unfortunately some politicians - particularly in the Liberal and National party - have been taken in by this misinformation campaign.
“That’s why we have developed these two resources. So that our politicians understand the scale of the transformation under way, and they understand that Australians want this transformation to happen.
The new Solar Revolution briefers provide detailed electorate information on the number of solar homes in each electorate, the amount of money constituents in each electorate have invested in solar, as well as savings on Co2 and energy bills. It details why this is happening and why millions more solar homes are now inevitable.
The online Solar Scorecard provides a detailed breakdown of what each federal politician is (or isn’t) doing to support a range of renewable energy policies. This online resource will be shared with voters in the lead up to the election via social media, local media and community activities.
“Never before have we faced such an exciting time in energy. But it’s an uncertain time, as well. We now have range of policies driving rapid uptake of wind and solar and people are starting to wake up to the fact that we have to leave coal in the ground.
“But we need our politicians to stand up to the companies that have benefitted from the status quo for so long, to make sure that Australians can continue to take power back into their own hands, and so that Australia can make the most of its abundant renewable resources. 
“With these activities we are working to make sure that no matter who wins on September 14th that, for the sake of Australia’s future, renewables energy wins, as well,” Ms Soutar says.
Key facts
Top 10 electorates: Wright, Mayo, Kingston, Grey, Fisher, Wide Bay, Wakefield, Longman, Brand, Kennedy
Total jobs created: 15,500
Total MW of clean energy generated: 2,462,600
Total tonnes of CO2 saved: 3,078,250
Total Investment: Over $8 billion dollars
Total amount saved on power bills: $551,622,400 dollars
State solar revolution briefers available here
Electorate solar revolution briefers available here
Solar scorecard available here.
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