Posted by Umme Hoque
100% Renewable, a community campaign for clean energy, says that the Liberal’s budget costings released today will only lead to a dark and dirty energy future.
The Liberal party’s costings reveal that not only will the party demolish renewable energy programs like the Clean Energy Finance Corporation, as previously indicated, but they would also slash the “One Million Solar Roofs” program by half, or $500million over the life of the program. The Liberals are intending that the Australian Renewable Energy Association (ARENA) will take over delivery of the solar roofs program, leading to an overall reduction in existing ARENA funding.
Lindsay Soutar, National Director of 100% Renewable, says that Australians overwhelmingly support renewable energy, as indicated by the huge increase in rooftop solar throughout Australia and will be disappointed today’s revelations.
“There are currently over 1 million solar homes in Australia. That’s 2.5 million solar voters, and that number is growing. Survey after survey shows that Australians overwhelmingly support a renewable energy future,” Ms Soutar says.
“However, the Coalition’s budget costings, released on the eve of Election Day, will further reduce renewable energy funding and will take Australia’s steady march towards a wind and solar powered future backwards.
“Today’s announcement is clearly a capitulation to the big power companies who don’t want to see Australia take advantage of our abundant renewable energy resources. It will mean less innovation, less new jobs, and less small, medium and large scale solar projects.
“By cutting funding to the only remaining clean energy funding body, the Coalition is again revealing it is no friend of renewable energy.
“Additionally the Coalition’s Policy for Resources and Energy, also released today, doesn’t mention the words ‘solar’ or ‘renewable ’ even once.
“It, instead, brags about cutting the carbon price - a price that is actually working to cut emissions and having little effect on electricity prices - and breaking funding promises on the eve of an election.
“Taxpayers would be worse off under an Abbott Government with its chaotic, poorly modelled Direct Action Plan.
“Australians want more renewables, but this announcement again shows that the Coalition is out of touch with ordinary Australian’s vision for a wind and solar powered future,” Ms Soutar says.
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