Posted by Umme Hoque

Today’s introduction of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (Abolition) Bill 2013 into the Senate highlights the lack of long-term strategy for energy production and distribution in Australia by the Coalition Government, 100% Renewable, a community campaign for clean energy, says.

“Just last week, the Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC), testified before a Senate inquiry and provided the data that shows its worth,” Sarah Hoque, Communications Manager for 100% Renewable, says.

“The CEFC has shown that it can provide long-term economic revenue for the Government. Not only that, but the 179 projects that the CEFC is involved in are also creating hundreds of jobs across Australia.”

“Most of these projects are in remote and regional areas, representing a real opportunity to provide jobs for Australians while creating a strong, long-term renewable energy industry in Australia. This industry will continue to provide jobs while growing renewable energy production across the country.”

“This is in line with what Australians want. Overwhelmingly, time and again, Australians have shown and said they want more renewables in our communities - and the investment strategies of the CEFC would help this become a reality.”

“Projects like the Portland Wind Energy project in Victoria is expected to create 400 local jobs during its construction phase and produce enough electricity to power over 100,000 homes each year.”

“In a country where people are saying they want more renewables  - and these renewables are creating a real industry and providing long-term economic profitability and a decreased need for fossil fuels - the question must be asked: what action could be more direct than this?”

“The CEFC is an institution that is actually working. It’s investing strategically, providing a return on investment, creating jobs and, overwhelmingly, meeting the ambitions of the Australian people for more renewables.”

“The Abbott Government claims to be concerned about budget deficits and spending, but this constant attempt to try and abolish the CEFC proves otherwise.”

100% Renewable has been running a petition to ask the Abbott Government to reconsider their plan to dismantle the clean energy fund. Nearly 25,000 Australians have shown their support for continuing the CEFC by signing the petition (

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