Posted by Umme Hoque
The Coalition’s announcement that, if elected, they will cut funding to the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) will set back the shift to clean energy needed to combat the threat of climate change, cost Australian jobs and stall investment in the energy technologies of the future, 100% Renewable, a community campaign for clean energy, says.
“Australians overwhelmingly support an increase in renewable energy.  We want government to support a transition to clean energy and to be a world leader in investment and jobs in clean energy,” Dr Geoff Evans, Campaign Manager for 100% Renewable says.
“But, based on today’s announcement, it seems like Tony Abbott and the Coalition aren’t listening to Australians, and that the incentives and market security essential for investment are under threat.” 
“This announcement shows that the Coalition is being incredibly short-sighted,” Dr Evans says.
“They are claiming they are finding savings, but, really, they are stopping investment in our renewable future and the new industries and jobs that are part of it.”
“Supporting ARENA helps create a stable financial market for investment and jobs for the energy technology of the future. That is why the Clean Energy Finance Corporation and ARENA were created.” 
“Renewable energy is a competitive global industry and Australia is well placed to be a global leader, if government supports investors.  New renewable energy technologies need government support to become globally competitive. While currently, over 1 million homes in Australia have solar on their rooftop, and that number is growing, the industry needs support especially in the implementation of emerging technologies such as energy storage.”
“The Coalition claims to be the party of jobs and business. But, this announcement directly contradicts their own platform. This solar revolution has created over 15,000 jobs nationally. It’s created a sustainable and long-term job market and workforce.”
“If the Coalition wants to win next week, they need to ensure they are listening to Australians. And ordinary Aussies are overwhelming saying the same thing: more renewables, not less,” Dr Evans says.
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