In today's Canberra Times, Greens senator, Christine Milne, stated, almost verbatim, 100% Renewables demand for Australia to implement the transition from fossil fuels to renewables.

''While Labor is still wedded to its outdated target to reduce Australia's pollution by 60per cent by 2050, the Greens read and understand the climate science and are committed to setting Australia on the path to a zero emissions economy as soon as possible,'' Senator Milne said.

''While Labor's target comfortably fits with a niche renewables industry and hope invested in the clean coal pipe-dream, the Greens' target encompasses a realistic vision of rebuilding our energy networks for 100per cent renewable energy as soon as possible.

''[And] while the Government seems oddly implacably opposed to a feed-in tariff, we are not giving up on this world-leading policy option."

This is a heartening message as we ramp up our demands on our pollies to act to reduce carbon pollution.  Here's the link to the story:

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