Abbott Government’s White paper reinforces their opposition to the future of solar in Australia - Solar Citizens

Abbott Government’s White Paper reinforces their opposition to the future of solar in Australia

Today’s release of the Federal Government’s Energy White paper fails to recognise the incredible opportunity of solar and renewable energy in Australia’s future energy mix.

Once again the Federal Government has shown their lack of understanding for what Australians want, more solar, not less, said Solar Citizens National Campaigner Taegen Edwards.

“The government are ignoring the golden opportunity provided by solar and renewable energy to lower the cost of power bills.” said Ms Edwards.

“Multiple sources including the government’s own Warburton Review of the Renewable Energy Target found that rooftop solar and renewable energy will work to reduce electricity prices for all Australian families by 2020.

“Investment in renewables has dramatically decreased because of the government's attack on renewables. This paper signals that this attack will continue.”

“Recent polling by Essential Research shows that an overwhelming 59% of Australians support an expansion of the RET to 50% by 2030. It’s clear that there is more leadership in the community than there is in Canberra.”

“Australians are demanding a long term vision for expanded solar and renewable energy, after all it just makes sense to use the abundant natural resources we have - and we have plenty of sunshine.

“The release of this white paper just reinforces the government's complete opposition to the solar industry.”

“The government need to stop their incessant attacks on solar and listen to the Australian people when they say they want more solar, not less.” said Ms Edwards.


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