Solar Citizens


Everyday Aussies are leading the renewable revolution—rooftop by rooftop—to cut bills, take energy generation back into our own hands, and create a healthier, better life for everyone.

Solar Citizens is an independent, community-based organisation bringing together millions of solar owners and supporters to take the next step and keep growing renewables in Australia.

Together, we take action to protect the rights of Australia’s 2 and a half million solar homes and businesses, and pursue the largest opportunities for a fast and fair transition to clean, renewable energy.

What's the story?

Over 2 million Australian households and businesses have joined the rooftop revolution, cutting their bills and creating clean energy.

Australia could do better. Find out what’s holding us back from a sun-powered future.

Solar Citizens is a people powered movement standing up for the rights of solar owners and sensible clean energy policies. See how we’re winning.

Latest Campaigns

Stop the EV Tax

Australia is about to become the first place in the world to slam electric vehicle owners with a net tax – making it even harder for everyday Australians to afford cleaner vehicles.  Victoria is charging ahead with plans to introduce a new tax on electric vehicles (EVs) and NSW’s Treasurer said they will follow suit. We should be...

Keep the CEFC & ARENA Clean

Clean energy funding should be spent on clean energy. But the Federal Government wants to use Australia’s peak clean energy bodies to fund dirty fossil fuel projects. The Clean Energy Finance Corporation (CEFC) and the Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) are crucial to driving innovation and investment in clean energy. But now the Government is trying to...

What's Happening


Alexandra signed the petition: "Stop the Sun Tax"

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Here in the sunburnt country, we have all the right ingredients to power up new manufacturing industries with abundant and cheap renewable energy. But some of our leaders are still clinging to the...

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Australia will soon become the first place in the world to slap a net tax on electric vehicles – a move that will derail the fledgling industry and keep polluting cars on...

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In the lead up to the October 2020 Queensland election, solar citizens across the state got active to pressure all sides of politics to back more ambitious renewable energy policies. Together, we...

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