Solar Citizens


Everyday Aussies are leading the renewable revolution to cut bills, take energy generation back into our own hands, and create a healthier, better life for everyone.

Solar Citizens is an independent, community-based organisation that represents the millions of Australian households who are powering their lives with the sun, and the vast majority of Australians who support the transition to renewable energy and clean transport. 

Our vision is for an Australia where everyone is enjoying the financial and health benefits of clean technology: renewable energy, clean transport, and electrified homes.

What's the story?

Over 2 million Australian households and businesses have joined the rooftop revolution, cutting their bills and creating clean energy.

Australia could do better. Find out what’s holding us back from a sun-powered future.

Solar Citizens is a people powered movement standing up for the rights of solar owners and sensible clean energy policies. See how we’re winning.

Latest Campaigns

Affordable storage solutions

Australians are facing a triple whammy: a cost of living crisis, an energy crisis and the climate crisis. Now the Federal Government has a huge opportunity to address all three by rolling out storage solutions that can help households and businesses make the most of our abundant solar energy.  Instead of more subsidies for big coal and...

FES up, we need affordable EVs!

Transport emissions and petrol prices are rising rapidly in Australia, but we’re still lagging behind the rest of the world on electric vehicles. The Federal Government must implement Fuel Efficiency Standards to bring more affordable electric vehicle models to Australia, or we risk becoming a dumping ground for costly and polluting petrol cars. Sign the petition now...

What's Happening


Stephen signed the petition: "Affordable storage solutions"


Catherine signed the petition: "Affordable storage solutions"


Suzanne signed the petition: "Affordable storage solutions"


Solar Citizens supports a ‘Yes’ vote in the upcoming Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament Referendum.Australia is still one of just a few remaining nations with a colonial history that...

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Rooftop solar is the cheapest source of electricity available, but for many households, including those that rent and live in social housing, there are barriers to accessing this bill-slashing technology.The issue is...

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Townsville is perfectly placed to become a low-emissions economic powerhouse and produce energy, minerals and materials to power the world’s transition to a cleaner future. Our latest analysis found a staggering 24,950 jobs, including 5,350 ongoing...

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